Humanity turned monogamy into the institution of marriage when owning stuff defined status, and the sexual partner defined who inherited it. Things haven't changed too much since then, but now we have DNA testing, making monogamous partnerships basically obsolete. To no surprise, we also have a 50% divorce rate.

In episode two, we explore what commitment looks like today. We meet Noel Biderman, the guy who created Ashley Madison, an online dating site for married people looking to hook up with other married people. We also meet Henry and Genevieve, a married couple who openly sleep with other people, and as a result fall deeper in love with each other.

So if old school commitment is fizzling, but sex still satisfies, maybe we just need to share the love.

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The Connect Sessions

Production and Post Studio: Picture Farm Productions
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A nine part series that document the collaboration between musicians and visuals artists. Featuring Ian Willams (of Battles), How to Dress Well and Com Truise. Visit the Connect Sessions to watch all episodes.


Situated in the Darfur region in Eastern Chad, the Djabal Refugee Camp is home 6 tribes, many of whom have been in conflict for centuries.